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Humanising Storybook - Charity & Philanthrophy

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Kindness Chronicles from Kampung Kaseh

In Kampung Kaseh, children embody the spirit of sharing and kindness, learning from elders and each other. From greeting each other warmly to helping in fields, sharing meals, and cleaning the village, they practice kindness daily. They extend their generosity through community events, teaching, and environmental care, nurturing a legacy of giving and unity that touches hearts and spans generations.

The Magic of Giving

In a vibrant Malaysian town, a boy discovers a magical box filled with sparkly dust that brings joy and beauty to everything it touches. Sharing the dust transforms gardens, bakeries, and clothes, sparking a parade, art that shines, and a joyful community spirit. This story of giving and magical transformation culminates in the boy, now grown, passing on the magic to new friends, ensuring the legacy of happiness and sharing continues.

The Little ChangeMakers

Mia and Raj see their park messy and decide to clean it with their friends. They find toys, plant flowers, and the community helps, making the park beautiful again. They promise to care for it, finding peace and joy in their work. Together, they transform the park into a place of happiness and harmony.