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Humanising Children`s Storybook

Title : The Greatful Gift 
Lily`s Story in "The Grateful Gift" is a heartwarming tale of Appreaciation and kindness set in a vibrant town. When her parents give her a beloved toy, she learns the importance of cherishing her possessions. The toy , sensing Lily`s love, feels valued and cared for. When the toy goes missing her friend Ali helps her search, teaching Lily the value of friendship and teamwork.

Title : The Adventures in Adapville
" Adventures in Adabville"follows the heartwarming journey of its children, who embody kindness
and community spirit. They engage in activities that foster unity, from sharing meals and talents to nurturing gardens and learning traditional dances.

Title: The Wise Tree of Malaysia
Mia`s journey through Malaysia`s verdant forests becomes a tale of environmental stewardship. As she explores the lush canopy, she encounters a wise Banyan tree that imparts the importantance of respect of nature. Mia commits to protecting the forests, learning its value to both wildlife and people, and plants seeds for the future.